Industrial Product Design

Industrial product design is a process of design applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production. The Industrial designers at Cadworks work with many different specialists, like materials scientists, engineers, marketers and accountants, to create new products. We at Cadworks are into the professional practice of designing products, devices, objects, and services used by millions of people around the world every day.

We typically focus on the physical appearance, functionality and manufacturability of a product, though they are often involved in far more during a development cycle. All of this ultimately extends to the overall lasting value and experience a product or service provides for end-users. Every object that we interact with on a daily basis in our home, office, school, or public setting is the result of a design process. During this process, myriad decisions are made by an industrial designer (and their team) that are aimed at improving your life through well-executed design.

We create and execute design solutions for problems of form, function, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, sustainability, and sales.