Well Logging

Well log is a continuous record of measurement made in bore hole respond to variation in some physical properties of rocks through which the bore hole is drilled. It basically tells you what you pass through as you are drilling deeper and deeper. It is also referred to as borehole logging.
• Traditionally Logs are display on girded papers.
• Now a days the log may be taken as films, images, and in digital format.

Log Interpretation Objective

The objective of log interpretation depends very much on the user. Quantitative analysis of well logs provides the analyst with values for a variety of primary parameters, such as:
• Porosity
• Water saturation, fluid type (oil/gas/water)
• Lithology
• Permeability

From these, many corollary parameters can be derived by integration (and other means) to arrive at values for:
• Hydrocarbons-in-place
• Reservoirs (the recoverable fraction of hydrocarbons in-place)
• Mapping reservoir parameters

But not all users of wireline logs have quantitative analysis as their objective. Many of them are more concerned with the geological and geophysical aspects. These users are interested in interpretation for:
• Well-to-well correlation
• Facies analysis
• Regional structural and sedimentary history
  In quantitative log analysis, the objective is to define
• The type of reservoir (lithology)
• Its storage capacity (porosity)
• Its hydrocarbon type and content (saturation)
• Its producibility (permeability)


Well Log Digitization

Complete Automatic curve tracking algorithm, with a manual digitizing option whenever required. Digital data in LAS, BIT or NLG, PTF format is acceptable. Ability to overlay digital data against scanned images to show the correlation between digital data and paper log, and to highlight discrepancies and missing data.


Neuralog is the most advanced automated well log digitizing system in the world today. Neuralog transforms scanned paper images into usable computer data. Its reliability and quality improvement increase productivity by empowering the log analyst with control of the quality and availability of well log data. Neuralog is the most widely-used well log digitizing solution in the oil and gas industry.

Benefits of Neuralog

• Converting images and hardcopies of well logs into electronic data that is usable by the computer
• Another advantage is that these storage media can be handled and stored better and more secure than paper copies
• Multi users of the same data and at the same time and easy access from your office computer or on field site
• Constraints in storage area sites

Features includes:

• Automatic curve tracking algorithm, with a manual digitising option when required;
• Accepts digital data in LIS, LAS, BIT or PTF formats;
• Ability to overlay digital data against scanned images to show the correlation between digital data and paper logs, and to
• Highlight discrepancies and missing data;
• Resampling and unit’s conversion capability;
• Outputs digitised data to disk in LIS or LAS formats.

Digital Log Conversion

Automated Curve Tracing

Neural Network Speed and Accuracy drive tracing algorithms for better-than-human tracing with highlighting of the curves for immediate feedback. Both Solid and Dashed curve tracers are available to account for curve crossings.
• Built-in grid model to account for curves crossing the grids
• Auto-stop error detection
• Interactive curve editing with immediate resume tracing

Lithology Data Capture

• Utilize data from mud logs and lithology logs.
• Capture lithology and descriptions from hand-drawn mud logs.
• Unique step curve capture sample rate (ROP, GAS)
• Log annotation to mark important data such as zones, faults and reservoirs

Interactive Log Display

Neuralog displays your log raster image and traced curve vectors directly on the computer screen, providing immediate feedback.
• Point and click interaction with the tracing tool
• Scrolling and zooming
• Error correction at any point in the tracing process
• Automatic scrolling through log during curve trace

Unlimited Backup Scales

Neuralog’s automated tracing functions work on unlimited backup scales, automatically patching together the different sections of curve for streamlined curve output.

Multiple Curves and Tracks

Neuralog provides the flexibility of defining multiple curves per track and multiple tracks per log.

Image Warp and Stretch Correction

Neuralog corrects for warp and stretch, a common problem in poor log images, automatically from depth grids to produce quality log images and digital data.

Log Data Preparation

Quality Improvement

Neuralog includes a comprehensive set of tools to improve the quality of your log data. The Log Quality Index (LQI) provides an overall measure of Quality Score of in-house or vendor data. The Neuralog Quality Improvement tools include checks for pixel overlay, spikes, gaps, and depth gridding and guide you through the log to correct detected errors and improve the LQI score. Once this verification/correction is complete, the results are reflected in the LQI for an indication of the quality of your data.

For verification of LAS the Virtual Light Table shows the match between the log image and digital data overlay quickly and visually. The LAS data statistical report generator summarizes your data to check for norms with the LAS Validator. Neuralog’s mission is to make sure that you have the quality data you need to get the results you want; raising the data standard is important to the industry and to you.

Multiple Runs/Curve Splicing

Neuralog provides the option of merging multiple runs of the same curve within a log into one LAS file. In addition, curves from multiple files may be merged into a single LAS output.

Digital Log Editing

• Customizable LAS Curve Template
• Custom Backup Scales for Amplified and Multi-Wrap Scales
• LAS Curve Edit
• Curve Arithmetic
• Baseline Shift
• Depth Shift
• LAS File Merge

Curve Calculations

Neuralog comes pre-loaded with various methods to calculate v-shale, porosity, water saturation as well as other standard conversions. Scripts can be edited and saved for user-defined programs. Project Management - Neuralog provides an efficient means for total log information storage, giving you immediate access to the original log image, log digits and well information. The Neuralog File allows subsequent generation of output in standard formats.

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