So what’s on the plate today?

“Headlines only meeting” with the team to set an agenda for the day. Setting targets for all the projects. Getting the priorities right.

Let’s roll!

So everyone knows what they’re cooking today. The team begins the day with a clear focus on what they have to do.

So we have a new Project!

There is a fixed time to discuss any new project. The business team collaborates with project management team and assigns them the new project. This is all SLA driven so that every project is in the motion ASAP.

Let’s talk to the client

The assigned project manager has his first call with the client to discuss any doubts that he might have from the morning’s meeting. This also works very well as a client on-boarding call! Clients love it! :)They know who they are working with. The Project Manager stays the point of contact for the entire project!

Simplifying User Journeys

We don’t want to create Big and complex systems. We want to create huge, yet simple systems. The project manager makes sure that all the user journeys follow the path of least resistance and that there is no loophole left in the system.

Brainstorming Session with the team

So we have a Start-up that wants a complex social network to be built. We call in the best guy who understands the nitty-gritties of social networks in the team and talk about the possibilities. Clubbed with the project manager’s user journey flow charts, client’s feedback and our experience, the brainstorming session defines how a social network should look, combining all the inputs.

Crunching design (And Snacks)

That’s the time when we have the maximum temperature in the office. Everyone is absolutely focused and developers are deep inside the designs. Project managers often fetch a snack for them by this time. It’s all teamwork after all! 🙂

Let’s Plan Success – Project Planning Meeting

The project manager heads project meeting with the Delivery Head, CTO, and the Developer. The aim of the meeting is to create an actionable project plan, select the best possible technology and to have any suggestion that might help the product in the long run. We create Sprints and define the update dates in the session itself.

Let’s Discuss Achievements

So by this time developers are ready with a lot of updates. They have been working on tasks that were assigned to them on their projects. At times they have some great questions too! It makes us and the client work on certain conditions and updates are made to the sprint. It’s always great to have developers who think as product owners! 🙂

Client’s call | Update time

Having this “small time difference” with most of the countries, this is the time when our Skype says “it’s time we begin, isn’t it?” So we have the client’s call for updates. We share what we did through the day. We talk about any question/suggestions based on the day’s work. We exchange some jokes and call it a day for the development team.

Business Analysis team working with the “Client to be”

This is the time of the day where we have most of the first time interaction with our “Client’s to be”. As our underlying philosophy, our business managers and consultants get on a discussion with the start-ups and they do enjoy what they do. We have hundreds of questions flowing in at this point in time, which tech should be used, how this should be done, which platform etc.

Oh! It’s late. Let’s eat!

For people who are still at the office, be it for anything , we get our recharge at this part of the day. We use the cafeteria at the terrace which serves delicious sandwiches.